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HTML Global Attributes


Global Attributes are applicable to all HTML elements.

HTML Global Attributes

Global Attributes are common to all HTML elements.

The global attributes are supported by both standard and non-standard elements.

Global attributes can be used on all elements, although some elements may have no effect on them.

Element Global Attributes

Attribute Value Description
accesskey shortcut key Specifies a keyboard shortcut to activate or focus the element.
class classname Assigns a class name or space-separated list of class names to an element.It is mainly used with CSS.
contenteditable true
Indicates whether the content of an element is editable or not by the user.
contextmenu menu-id Specifies a context menu for an element. A context menu is a menu that appears when the user right clicks on the element.
data-* data It is used to store element-specific private data which can be accessed by Javascript.
dir rtl
It specifies the direction of the content inside the current element.
draggable true
It specifies whether the content within an element is movable or not using Drag and Drop API.
dropzone copy
It specifies the action is taken on the dragged element when it is dropped, ¬¬ such as whether it is copied, moved or linked.
hidden It hides the element from the view.
id id It specifies a unique id for the element.
lang language_code Specifies the primary language for the element's text content.
spellcheck true
It specifies whether the content should be checked for spelling errors or not.
style style It is used to apply inline CSS to the elements.
tabindex number It specifies the tabbing order of an element.
title text It is used to provide the title, name, or some extra information about the element.
translate yes
It specifies whether the text content of an element should be translated or not.

Global Event Handler Attributes

Attribute Event Description
onabort abort Fires when abort.
onautocomplete autocomplete The autocomplete feature specifies whether autocomplete should be turned on or off in a form or input field.
onautocompleteerror autocompleteerror Fires when autocompleteerror occur.
onblur blur Fires when element loses focus.
oncancel cancel The oncancel property is used for processing cancel events sent to a <dialog> element.
oncanplay canplay Fires when a file is ready to start playing.
oncanplaythrough canplaythrough Fires when a file can be played all the way to the end without pausing for buffering.
onchange change Fires when the value of the element is changed.
onclick click Fires when a mouse click on the element.
onclose close The onclose property is used for processing close events sent to a <dialog> element.
oncontextmenu contextmenu Fires when a context menu is triggered.
oncuechange cuechange Fires when the cue changes in a element.
ondblclick dblclick Fires when a mouse double-click on the element.
ondrag drag When a draggable item (element or text selection) is dragged.
ondragend dragend When a drag operation ends (such as releasing a mouse button).
ondragenter dragenter When a dragged item enters a valid drop target.
ondragleave dragleave When a dragged item leaves a valid drop target.
ondragover dragover When a dragged item is being dragged over a valid drop target, every few hundred milliseconds.
ondragstart dragstart When the user starts dragging an item.
ondrop drop When an item is dropped on a valid drop target.
ondurationchange durationchange Fires when the length of the media changes.
onemptied emptied Fires when something happens bad and the file is suddenly unavailable.
onended ended Fire when the media has reached its last stage.
onerror error Fires when an error occurs.
onfocus focus Fires when the element gets focus.
oninput input Fires when an element gets user input.
oninvalid invalid Fires when an element is invalid.
onkeydown keydown Fires when a user presses a key and hold.
onkeypress keypress Fires when a user presses a key.
onkeyup keyup Fires when a user releases a key.
onload load Fires after the page is finished loading.
onloadeddata loadeddata Fires when media data is loaded.
onloadedmetadata loadedmetadata Fires when meta data are loaded.
onloadstart loadstart Fires just as the file begins to load before anything is actually loaded.
onmousedown mousedown Fires when a mouse button is pressed down on an element.
onmouseenter mouseenter when the mouse pointer is moved onto an element
onmouseleave mouseleave when the mouse pointer is moved out from an element
onmousemove mousemove Fires when the mouse pointer is moving over an element.
onmouseout mouseout Fires when the mouse pointer moves out of an element.
onmouseover mouseover Fires when the mouse pointer moves over an element.
onmouseup mouseup Fires when a mouse button is released over an element.
onmousewheel mousewheel Fire when the mouse wheel rolls up or down over an element.
onpause pause Fires when the media is paused.
onplay play Fires when the media is ready to play.
onplaying playing Fires when the media is playing.
onprogress progress Fires when the browser is in the process of getting the media data.
onratechange ratechange Fires each time the playback rate changes.
onreset reset Fires when the forms Reset button is clicked.
onresize resize Fires when the browser window is resized.
onscroll scroll when an element's scrollbar is being scrolled.
onseeked seeked Fires when the seeking attribute is set to false.
onseeking seeking Fires when the seeking attribute is set to true.
onselect select Fires when any text has been selected in an element.
onshow show Fires when a <menu> element is shown as a context menu
onsort sort Fires when sorting occurs.
onstalled stalled Fires when the browser is unable to fetch the media data.
onsubmit submit Fires when a form is submitted.
onsuspend suspend Fires when fetching the media data is stopped.
ontimeupdate timeupdate Fires when the playing position has changed.
ontoggle toggle Fires when the user opens or closes the <details> element
onvolumechange volumechange Fires each time the volume is changed.
onwaiting waiting Fires when the media has paused.