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HTML Image Map


HTML image map allows to create clickable area on a image.

HTML Image map

Using image map user can click on a particular area in the image to open new link.

Any area can be created like rectangle, circle, polygon etc. for Image Map.

Use href attribute to create hyperlink for the image area.

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Example: HTML Image Map

Laptop Cup Note


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>HTML Image Map</title>
    <meta charset="utf-8" />
    <h3>Example: HTML Image Map</h3>
        <img src="workplace2.png" usemap="#image-map">
        <map name="image-map">
            <area target="_blank" alt="Laptop" title="Laptop" href="#" coords="180,0,394,161" shape="rect">
            <area target="_blank" alt="Cup" title="Cup" href="#" coords="69,8,63,10,59,14,56,21,53,
122,34,122,26,119,19,112,11,105,6,96,4,86,5,77,6" shape="poly">
            <area target="_blank" alt="Note" title="Note" href="#" coords="3,111,138,85,170,247,30,276" shape="poly">
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