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HTML <q> Tag


The <q> tag is used for a short quotation.

HTML <q> Tag

The <q> element defines some text bound by short quotes, indicating that the text was quoted by someone.

The <q> element is an inline element, so it does not create paragraphs with some indentations where <blockquote> does.

Element Attributes

Attribute Value Description
cite url This specifies the url of the quotation.

Global attributes

Global attributes may be applied on all elements, although some elements may have no effect on them.

<accesskey>, <class>, <contenteditable>, <contextmenu>, <data-*>, <dir>, <draggable>, <dropzone>, <hidden>, <id>, <lang>, <spellcheck>, <style>, <tabindex>, <title>, <translate>.

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  <p>When Maria asks Ana to open it, Ana answers: <q cite="#">I'm sorry, Maria. I'm afraid I can't do
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