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HTML <ol> Tag


The <ol> tag defines an ordered list.

HTML <ol> Tag

The <ol> item represents an ordered list of items.

An ordered list item can be numeric or alphabetical.

The <ol> element should include at least one <li> element.

Element Attributes

Attribute Value Description
reversed reversed This specifies that the order of the list should be reversed.
start number This specifies the beginning of the list.
type 1
This specifies the type of marker to use in the list.

Global attributes

Global attributes may be applied on all elements, although some elements may have no effect on them.

<accesskey>, <class>, <contenteditable>, <contextmenu>, <data-*>, <dir>, <draggable>, <dropzone>, <hidden>, <id>, <lang>, <spellcheck>, <style>, <tabindex>, <title>, <translate>.

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<h2>An Ordered List</h2>
    <li>Camembert Pierrot</li>
    <li>Mascarpone Fabioli</li>
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