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HTML <del> Tag


The <del> tag represents a range of deleted texts.

HTML <del> Tag

The <del> tag defines text deleted from a document.

The <ins> element can be used for the opposite purpose: to indicate the text added to the document.

Element Attributes

Attribute Value Description
cite URI A URI for a resource that explains the reason for the change.
datetime YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD This specifies the date and time of the change where time is optional.

Global attributes

Global attributes may be applied on all elements, although some elements may have no effect on them.

<accesskey>, <class>, <contenteditable>, <contextmenu>, <data-*>, <dir>, <draggable>, <dropzone>, <hidden>, <id>, <lang>, <spellcheck>, <style>, <tabindex>, <title>, <translate>.

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<p>This tag represents the <del> deleted </del> text using line through.</p>
<p>My favorite drink is <del>coffee</del> <ins>tea</ins>!</p>
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