Beginning and Ending part of HTML elements.


Beginning and end of an HTML element.

Small units of HTML language, indicates beginning and ending part.

<html> is the beginning tag and </html> is the end tag.

<h3> is the beginning tag and </h3> is the end tag.

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HTML Tag example

An element begin with start tag and end with close tag.

<p>This is an example of paragraph Tag.</p>

<h1>This is an example of h1 tag.</h1>

<title>This is an example of title tag.</title>


<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- This is title Tag -->
<title>HTML Tag Example</title>
<!-- HTML Tag Example -->
<h2>HTML Tag Example</h2>
<h1>This is heading tag or h1 tag</h1>
<h3>This is heading 3 tag or h3 tag</h3>
<!-- Comments are not displayed in the browser -->
<p>This is an example of paragraph tag.</p>
<!-- Anchor Tag shown below -->
<a href="" target="_blank">Go to google</a>
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HTML Tag Reference

This reference contains additional information about these tags and their attributes and usage.

Tag Name Description
<H1> This define HTML headings.
<p> This define HTML paragraph.
<body> It defines the document's body.
<html> This defines the root of an HTML document.

Note: For a complete reference of all available HTML tags, visit HTML Tag Reference